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Gay clubs in Krakow

In Krakow there are 4 gay clubs:

1. Cocon -
Gay disco, many young people. One of the biggest gay discos in Poland! Best day to go is Saturday- there's much more people then on Friday. Other days it is closed or very few people. There are two dancefloors with different music, a very small darkroom, 3 bars. Party starts usually 23:00-24:00 - before that time, there are only very few people.
Guests are mixed, both boys and girls are welcome.

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2. Blue XL -
A gay bar with dark rooms - gay cruising. Open daily from 20:00 till 4:00, on fridays till 6:00 and saturdays till 8:00. Bar keepers are very friendly and speak english. Often you will meet guests from other countries as well. Entry is 5zl during the week, and 10zl (which includes one beer) on Friday and Saturday. In my opinion it's a better bar than Ciemnia - there are usually more people than in Ciemnia - but that's just my personal opinion. You can pay with credit card.

3. Ciemnia -
Similar to Blue XL - a gay cruising bar with darkrooms. Actually you could tell that ciemnia is one big darkroom - it's all dark and black- it has a specific atmosphere. They have regularly sex parties, naked parties, etc.

4. LOVE (?)
I have visited this club a few times, but right now I cannot find any info about it. Basically it's a dance club for les girls, but usually there are about 50% boys and 50% girls. Nice music and atmosphere, much smaller than cocon, but a good alternative. You don't pay for entrance.

There is also KITSCH- if you like dancing you will like it, but it's usually 50% gay and 50% hetero - so you never know who you are speaking with. Also very hot - no climatization.

Sometimes you can see 7-club on the web. This club does not exist any more.

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